The Power Still Lies in the People – Unacceptable Jessica Rose

Radio Masse critique
Radio Masse critique
The Power Still Lies in the People – Unacceptable Jessica Rose

Radio Masse critique – Episode 23 – March 28, 2023

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Entrevue avec Dr Jessica Rose

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Aujourd’hui, on vous présente (pour la première fois) une entrevue en anglais avec Dr Jessica Rose.

Jessica Rose, une scientifique canadienne ayant vécu à Montréal, détient un baccalauréat en mathématiques appliquées, une maîtrise en immunologie, un doctorat en biologie computationnelle et deux post-doctorats en biologie moléculaire et en biochimie.

Dès le début de la récente campagne mondiale d’inoculation, elle s’est intéressée à l’analyse descriptive des données du système de pharmacovigilance américain, le VAERS. Elle en conclut hors de tout doute que les autorités ignorent délibérément les données disponibles.

Nos dirigeants auraient-ils définitivement quitté le domaine de la réalité ?

The Power Still Lies in the People

Interview with Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD, MSc., BSc.

Welcome to the 23rd edition of Radio Masse critique (Critical Mass Radio). Today we are pleased to bring you an interview with Jessica Rose, a Canadian researcher with a Bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and two post-doctoral degrees in molecular biology and biochemistry respectively. Since the beginning of the so-called pandemic, Jessica has been conducting a rigorous and sustained analysis of the data from the American Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which she has been making available to the public through her tireless work. Personally, I read her substack «Unacceptable Jessica» for her analysis of VAERS and her scientific analysis of the side effects of so-called «vaccines». The interview with Jessica deals with the political-scientific aspects of the health authoritarianism that has swept the world and that is disintegrating before our eyes at this very moment, and the desire of governments and billionaires of the Economic Forum to impose their trans-humanist doctrine, which ultimately aims at the robotization of the human species.

With all that we know about the so-called pandemic, it is obvious that it is nothing less than a subterfuge by the governments in favor of the big shareholders of the pharmaceutical companies, who are most often big shots in the financial world. It seems that the political-sanitary crisis is a step, a preamble to a long-planned forced involution of transhumanism.

We need to shift what value actually is to a realistic definition

Dr. Jessica Rose

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